Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mia's Friday with Nana and PawPaw

Dear Mama, Dadda and Aunt Mae.

I've been missing you alot today, but I had so much fun with PawPaw and Nana. When I got here, PawPaw set up my pool and let me fill it up with water! I don't know who got more water, me, PawPaw or the swimming pool but it sure was fun! Playing with the water made me really hungry, so Nana gave me cheese and strawberries on a puppy paper plate. Nana doesn't know how much I can eat, and she sadly underestimated. No problem though - Nana might say yes as much as PawPaw and when I said I was hungry, she gave me chicken and broccoli and more strawberries. I don't know why I was so thirsty, but Nana and PawPaw filled my sippy cup 4 times with water! Boy, did I ever fill up the diapers. Nana said something about stock in diaper companies.

I got to watch Dora and Diego while it was really hot (while me and my baby played on the slide that Nana has in her house!), then it was time for Nakie Girl swimming. But before I could swim, PawPaw noticed I was hungry again. This time I ate chicken, broccoli, strawberries and avocado! What a dinner I had. Two plates! And then PawPaw gave me a cookie. I heart PawPaw.

Swimming made me hungry - I must be going through a growth spurt! Nana made me corn....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I tried to get her to make me more, but she said that I probably had enough. Welll...if I didn't its her bad.......

I love you guys! Nana says you are coming to get me in two days. Don't worry - I'm in GREAT hands.... I love you mom and dad (and Mae!)

Love, Mia