Monday, July 7, 2008

Unplugged Project ~ Sky

The kids over at Unplug You Kids drew and mapped constellations for this weeks Unplugged Project...Sky. I wasn't sure what to do for ours, but on the way home from a playdate, Mia noticed all the grey clouds.

After nap and snack...of mac n cheese n peas (evidence still on her face), I brought out some card stock, colored pencils, markers, a glue stick and cotton balls. I asked Mia what color the sky was and she said grey...we found the grey pencil and she went to town. Then she looked at the markers and wanted the grey one. She added spots. I asked her if they were stars. She said No. The sky is GREY, Mama.' I didn't know what was going on. Silly Mama.

She looked up at the sky again, and added some blue to her drawing. Then she spotted the orange marker. 'mama the sky is orange now'. Hmmm not quite sunset now, but there's a sunset somewhere.

I asked Mia if she was ready for clouds. Her face lit up. Clouds?!?! I pulled out the cotton balls and we pulled them apart. Mia wasn't quite sure about all that, but she was THRILLED when I pulled out the glue stick. She glued and then pressed some cotton to her page. A few pieces stuck to her fingers, but in the end she was VERY proud of her sky.

Super proud girl

We taped our skies up on the wall. When daddy he came home, he looked at them and happily commented, 'nice grey skies, girls' prompting needed. Do you think the cotton was the giveaway?

Thanks Unplug Your Kids for another fun project!


Michie said...

Great pictures of your little one playing with the cotton! It looks like she had a blast!

So Smrt said...

I LOVE it that daddy said the right thing. Yay daddy!

Sara Ballard said...

so crafty! I love the "proud pic"! She is so darn cute!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is having so much fun! Great project and photos to go along with it :)
Nature Mama

Heather said...

Your daughter is adorable, what great pictures!

Dana Leeds said...

What a great project for you little girl. It looks like you both had fun... and you captured some great photos! I love how we all come up with different ideas on the same theme. :-)

Dana Leeds said...

I'm glad you liked our "cloud" project of marbled paper made from shaving cream. I should have put it in the post, but the first time I ran across this craft it was for toddlers. They actually put a piece of paper at the bottom of a baking dish, then added the shaving cream and food coloring (or possibly another type of coloring) and let the child finger paint. Then, when they're done, you can see their creation. I hope your daughter enjoys this messy art! :-)

Mama Said Sew said...

Looks like she's concentrating on getting her sky just right. :)
I love the close up photo of her hands.

The Source said...

Great job, Mia! What a fun project for her! She's adorable.