Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hairspray & Fairy Dust

Yesterday, I looked at Mia and I couldn't see her, because her bangs were down past her eyes. Time for a visit to Snip-its! This trip would be the third one. The first two I avoided the blond stylist. She just had a way about her that really turned me off, and I wanted these bang cuts to be good experiences for Mia...lollipops or not. Well, yesterday, I thought....hmmmm Mia's been really mellow lately. Maybe she can handle the blond...I mean last time when Mia's name was called out by the blond..she said 'Max'...I politely said we'd be waiting for the next stylist.

Yesterday, while waiting for Mia's turn, I watched the two stylists that were there....the blond (ummm, NOPE!) and the one that cut Mia's hair last time. I forgot her name, so let's call her Mary. The kid in the blonde's chair was as calm as a cucumber. The one in Mary's chair was crying bloody murder. Then it all came back to me...Mia was done, but Mary kept tweaking her hair and fluttering around really bugged Mia to where she was on the verge. Yesterday, Mary was doing the same thing to the crying kid. All that kid wanted was to be done...and he was done about 5 min before, but Mary keep tweaking. Poor kid.

When it was Mia's turn, we bit the bullet and went with the blond, and she was FABULOUS!!! SUPER FABULOUS!!!! She was calm and cool. She talked 'with' Mia...not 'at' her. She just combed her hair, was chatting away with Mia, while we discussed what to do with Mia's bangs. Apparently, Mia's hair needs a little bit of training....but then Britnny (the blond now has a name) said not to worry about it...when Mia's hair grows longer, it'll get some weight to it....

She dry cut her bangs. I LOVED that. Oh, when we came in, Mia's hair was in a messed up post nap chongo (ponytail). So, when taken down, she had a full poof of hair on the top of her head. Brittny clipped the 'growing out bangs' out of her eyes, and with the added poof and curl out of the rest of her hair...I saw a twinkle in Britnny's eyes. She asked Mia 'hey, you want some fairy dust in your hair'...Mia, not too sure what a fairy was much less fairy dust...but had her eye on that lollipop and didn't want to rock the boat, said 'sure'. With that, Brittny, grabbed the hairspray, fluffed up some hair, brushed some curls where they flipped out a bit more...lightly sprayed...then sprinkled fine pink glitter in her hair! How COOL was that?!?! I wanted fairy dust!

Mia came out looking like a chick from Hairspray. Bouffant 'do and all. Add that too her fluffy skirt.... I'm kicking myself for not having my camera at the place, but did get some at home where she shouldn't stop twirling with her lollipop while chatting about fairy dust. I heart Brittny! I was WRONG, so very WRONG about her....I LOVE it when I'm wrong :)


Bonnie said...

LOVING the bangs!

Unknown said...

Ahhh...SO cute!

Andrea said...

The bangs look great! Now I can see that purdy face in your photos.

Sophia's hair also needs training.