Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th, Family & Fireworks

some drive by shootings

The 4th was fun cuz we spent it with family. Joe, Melissa and Gwen had us over along with Nana and Pawpaw.... Melissa's brother, Andy, was there with his wife Kate. I so love them, and it had just been too long. I had such a nice time chatting with Melissa and Kate...nice girl time. Auntie M had a gift for her Mia...her very own djembe!!!! Now when I practice, Mia sits across from me and plays HER djembe. The clean hands rule is still in place, though.

I had my own little gift for my darling neice...Gwen got her own set of play silks. I dyed them last week at a playdate. From the looks of it Gwen was into them.

Gwen with her Mama and Aunt Kate

Melissa and I were able to sit back and relax for a long while thanks to Nana and Pawpaw. They had those girls entertained. Pawpaw gave them a turn around the yard...the whole time he had an Elmo sticker on his knee :)

Daryl took this lovely shot of me

Nana made a cute flag cake that Mia thought was quite yummy

Once again, Mia was the target of a stuffed animal attack. This time she was assaulted by her Auntie M. Mia was in heaven!

Now, that night, the Wells Branch Mud had their own fireworks display. They were close to our house, but not close enough. You can see they were behind a tree. My camera settings were off, but I had a great time taking some fun looking shots :)

*many more shot on my flickr


Melissa said...

thanks for hanging out! we had a great time seeing ya'll.

gwen loves the scarves - i'm glad mia is having fun with her djembe!

Anonymous said...

Awesome..the fireworks picks all look like the forest is on fire! Love you!!


Stephanie said...

Looks like it was a fun afternoon and evening! It's so nice that you have family nearby to celebrate the holidays with.

Sara Ballard said...

What a gorgeous photo of you, kudos to Daryl (but of course how can he not get a good shot, you are gorgeous all the time!). Looks like you guys had a fantastic fourth!