Wednesday, July 9, 2008

it smells like a bumblebee... what Mia said her flower ponytail band smelled like....just out of the blue while riding in her car seat. While we're on the way to something, she likes to wreck the ponytail thang. Today, it apparently smelled like a bumblebee.

Not a bumblebee, but Mia was clearly
thrilled that she could stick a deflated
balloon to her nose....and it stuck!

On to hobbies. Monday evening, Daryl came home in a bad mood. So, Mia and I ordered him to lay on the floor while we showered him with kisses, tickles and zerberts. All that attention improved his mood a little. Mandalas! Ah ha! I pulled out all the mandalas I'd copied for the MNI night I hosted a while ago, colored pencils and markers. We all picked a mandala, our medium of choice and started coloring.

I hoped it would rest his mind a little and help him relax. It did. We started talking about this and that, and then I realized that besides playing pool, he doesn't really have a hobby. I drum and take pictures. Two hobbies. I have two. I asked Daryl what kind of stuff he wanted to do when he was younger, and after a little digging, he thought of building RC airplanes...building the engine, too. How cool is that?!?! I of course asked if he'd name his plane after me, and he said one for me and one for Mia. awwwww

We chatted more and decided to rearrange the play area/office upstairs to accommodate a work table. Mia can play, Daryl builds airplanes and I can be on the 'puter messing with shots....all in the same room! Daryl is excited about picking a plane and working on it, showing Mia what he's doing and taking us all out to fly it! Hobby! Yay!

Daryl's been picking my camera up a lot more lately
(which I LOVE)
but just needs a little practice on focusing...
He says he was going for a more artistic shot :)


Sara Ballard said...

That is so cute.. I love their little associations. Like a bumblebee, how sweet is that?
I totally know what you and Daryl mean about hobbies. Good for you guys! Can't wait to see pics of Daryl's models!!!

Andrea said...

That's so wonderful that you're very mindful of your hubby. Sometimes I guess they get so bogged down with working and providing for the family, their needs (and hobbies) get put on the backburner.

I have too many hobbies.
Photography, drumming, gardening, reading, and I want to pick up sewing and knitting again.

I also want to delve into the culinary arts.

OMG, I want to be a f*cking Martha Stewart! said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing! I think balloons are a staple of summer.

Stacy said...

Hobbies are very important. I have mine and hubby has poker and volleyball. Love that "artistic" last shot. ;)