Friday, July 25, 2008

A note to my Comadre in Seattle

She's just fine. We had a super fun time. She didn't even cry when Mike left...he did sneak out, but when she realized he wasn't there, she was a-ok. We read books, played with blocks (I had no idea Sophia LOVES to knock them down with her nose!), drummed, went to a playdate (it was so cute having both girls in the back seat...they just chatted and chatted. She had her puppy and blanket, too), and ate 1/2 a banana and a PB&J for lunch. Mia and I left her with her happy daddy who had BIG plans for the weekend.

pues, look at the silly gang she hung out with this morning

here are some more shots of your hija preciosa...just for joo.



Christina said...

Oh! This is just the sweetest! I don't even know you and Mia, or Andrea & Sophia...but this makes me smile. Beautiful. Gorgeous pictures!

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...

Wow... what a sweet friend you are for not only watching that precious little girl, but taking photos (AMAZING BTW), and putting them up for her!

Such a good friend! said...

The lighting of this pictures is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Andrea said...

Ayyyy!!! These shots made my day! Thank you so much, mamita! I love you!