Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Unplug Your Kids ~ Garden

While the kids over at Unplug Your Kids worked on a super cute miniature fairy garden for this weeks' Unplugged Project - Garden, Mia and I doctored a plant.

My MIL gave me a Christmas cactus she started from a clipping from a plant that came from a clipping of a plant that Clem once took care of before he passed away. This plant has some history behind it. Yesterday, while pulling up the kitchen blinds, a limb from the plant fell off. Ah Ha! Garden project for Unplug Your Kids!!!!!

Mia and I took the limb, found a pot and dish (that didn't match, but it soooo doesn't matter) in the laundry room, and some potting soil in the garage. I showed Mia how to scoop the soil with her hand (always use your hands) and dump it into the pot...when the pot was full, we tucked the limb the soil. Dee, my MIL, said that these guys can root's trying.

Then we found Mia's watering can that was behind the ferns, and showed her how a little potted plant needs to be watered a whole lot more gently than the grass or stuff in the flower beds. She had fun, and was very gentle.

I sure do hope this little guy roots and grows up...this will be a gift to Mia from her Great grandpa, Clem.


jw said...

could not be sweeter.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is very sweet! I do hope it grows. Plants that are shared and passed along are the best sort. What a wonderful gift for Mia!