Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This Week in Playdates

It's Wednesday and we've already hit Three!!!! It helps us so much when we can get out and hang with our friends. It really gets my mind off things and reminds me to focus on all the good stuff in our lives.

First off was the Español para Niños - Musical Playdate Hosted by Ashley and Andrea T. This was Ashley's very first playdate to host and it was a huge success! All the kids played instruments and had a great time. I enjoyed hanging out with my O'Mama friends, too.

Then on Tuesday we hit Anja and Anika's house for a Color Your World playdate. They hosted with Gabriel, who ...oh my was the silk dying queen! We went through the process of dying white silks in kool-aid and vinegar. It was super fun, and the silks came out beyond gorgeous!!!!

This morning, Mia and I hopped over to Wendy & Zephyrs pad to co-host a Shrinky Dink playdate! Mia and I had make some SD a couple of weeks ago, and while reading this blog, Wendy was inspired to host a SD playdate! Yay! Wendy! Ohh it was so much fun, and the O'Mamas really got into it! I may be hosting a SD MNI some time :)

(I'm following Stephanie & Andrea's perfect lead of creating collages for the playdate many and so little room)


Andrea said...

I know, I want them bigger! More room.


Great pics Mama!

jw said...

WOW! you'll have to teach me how to do that. I still can't get a stinkin' slideshow on my blog. ggrrrr

Stephanie said...

Aren't those collages fun?! I'm happy you like them!