Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I FINALLY got Mia her own harmonica! You know how your kid will totally dig a toy at a pal's house, but once you buy it, they lose all interest? That did NOT happen here. As I'm sitting here writing this blog entry, I'm smiling because Mia just went downstairs and after a minute, I heard her music. When she plays, my heart smiles. This is how Andrea must feel when her son, Domi, plays his trumpet or piano....not that I'm saying she's THAT good :)

Is she the laziest harmonica player you've ever seen?!?!

she digs her kaleidoscope, too

Mia very distrustful of a........


Mia hamming it up on the harmonica


Cara said...

The video was so cute! I like how you coughed and then she imitated it, I also love how she is tapping her foot to the music. She looks like a natural musician.

Unknown said...

LOL! Lazy harmonica player!

FYI, we have that kaleidoscope too, and it takes funky photos if you put it in front of your lens.

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Can I just tell you she is an absolute DOLL and I truly mean that . I loved the video. And I know what you mean about the toys and how they want something but once you get it home, they don't. That is great that she likes it. Maybe you have a future musician on your hands!

Loved the pics. And the kalaidoscope brings back memories for me too. I loved those things when I was a kid. I can't spell it though - sorry!

Christina said...

The lazy playing...the tapping foot..it's just too much cuteness! I'm gonna have to be on the lookout for a harmonica now and replicate the cuteness!