Saturday, February 9, 2008

a note from the Nana

Hi guys!
Hope you are enjoying your time! Mia had a wonderful day. She talked SO much!! We talked and sang all the way home. She followed her PawPaw around everywhere he went just talking about everything! She rode on the swing for at least half an hour and was no where near ready to stop. She hugged and kissed her Mimaw. We had quail for dinner - Mia was quite happy with it and her corn on the cob. And then we snuggled big time on the sofa for about an hour and watched Chicken Little. She said she didn't to go to bed, but she had her poodle dog and curled up in my arms. By 9, she protested very feebly about going to bed, curled up with her poodle dog and two other stuffed animals and fell asleep in about 10 seconds. What a great day!!!!