Wednesday, February 6, 2008

a drum roll please....

This says it all :)

The line is there. It's a faint plus mark in the left window, but it's there.

After the Grandparents were told, we thought, how do we let a whole bunch of close family and friends know our fabulous news......THE BLOG!

Daryl and I decided to 'try' this month. Well, it worked! We are about 2 weeks into our pregnancy and are due around Oct 15th. We'll try to have the baby earlier or later to not encroach upon cousin Gwen's birthday :)

We're still a little shocked. I know we planned it, but we're shocked none the less. Well, off to get the Snapper ready for her first computer class.


Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

Holy Sheep!!

That was one surprise of a blog!

Congrats Mama!!


PS. I deleted my first comment b/c there was a grammatical error (and stuff like that bothers me). LOL

iMother2.0 said...

Stuff like that bothers me, too. Once I corrected someone's evite response. 'My husband and ME can't make it.'

Yeah, loving the blog. Sometimes I forget so many people read it. I'd rather be more candid, but some people, like my mom... tell me how inappropriate certain pics are :)

Thanks for the congrats, too. I'm stunned.

Stephanie said...

Congrats, Mama!!!! Holy Cow!! What a surprise!! Wishing you an easy 9 months!!

Lots of love,


Hill Country Blogger said...

Wow! congrats and pass on my congrats to Daryl. I'll pass the good news on to Rebekah! Mia is going to have a new brother/sister! Woo Hoo!