Thursday, May 1, 2008

Janice Gleinser

We picked up Aunt Janice from the airport this afternoon, and after a quick stop for beer (for J & me) and pretzels (for Mia) we made it to Nana & PawPaw's. Mia was a little sad that they weren't there (already at the coast), but perked up a bit when I said they were getting PawPaw's boat ready for her to drive.

When asked what her name is, Mia replies 'Mia Gleinser', so when we quizzed her on Aunt Janice's name (she knows it and always says's just cute to hear), Janice told Mia that she's also a Gleinser...Janice Gleinser. Mia was impressed :) Off to visit with Memaw in her bedroom....I didn't know this, but every time Mia visits Memaw in her room, she says hi to Missy and gives her a hug and kiss. Missy is Mema's ceramic cat from wayyyyyyy back. It's so touching that Mia has these little things she does with her Memaw. I remember my Grandma Beba had ceramic elves that used to enchant me....we also had a friend of the family, Panchita, who we'd visit often. She a bunch of ceramic Kewpie dolls all over her place...I can vividly recall them...happiness. Pure happiness. It was hard to leave today because Janice is taking Memaw home with her to Lubbock for the WHOLE summer. We hugged and kissed and hugged some more. Until she comes back, we'll miss her.


Stephanie said...

Such sweet photos. Can Mia be any cuter?!

Unknown said...

That is the BEST face!