Tuesday, May 20, 2008

mysterious ducks

After Easter, Melissa rescued some ducks from a family that wasn't able to care for them..they were so grateful that Melissa came along....the family and the ducks. My Super in Laws took those lovely ducklings in. Why not? They already have chickens, dogs, koi and some random deer.
Well, these little ducklings have grown into some fine looking duck...the mystery? What KIND of ducks are they? Tom and been searching online and just couldn't figure out what they were...we all agreed that they must be exotics.

I hadn't seen them in a while, but got to check them out today when Mia and I went out to Dripping Springs for a visit with Pawpaw. Well, I took one look at these ladies and told Tom that those ducks were unmistakeably female mallards. Mallards have been my favorite ducks since I was young (less than 6 years old) when we would summer in Michigan. Mallards were everywhere. They now remind me of a super happy time in my childhood...hence the favorite duck title.
Tom compared them to some picks online. They are mallards, and pretty ones at that.