Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday....what a fun day!

While Daryl mowed the lawn (thanks honey), Mia and I hit Whole Foods downtown. She played on the playscape while if finalized my list. I really like having new recipes, because it helps me plan our meals for the week better...a lot less waste, too. I made chicken fried bison for dinner on Saturday, but he cut was weird...I swear I bit into a couple of tendons....ewwww. The butcher today told me that WF North must have had a novice cutting, because that just shouldn't happen. He helped me pick out a nice bison ribeye that he cut lengthwise for me and then in half. We'll be eating meat more as a side dish than the 1/2 of the plate it usually takes, one steak = 2 meals for us :) I also picked up a couple of cowboy burgers that we grilled tonight (yum!), some ground bison and some shrimp. Oh, another huge find for me...ok two huge finds...1. WF brand of GF hamburger buns!!! OMG they ROCK!!! Even Daryl prefers them to the old kind. 2. I found my sun dried tomato and basil hummus that they USED to carry at WF North. I know I was very thrilled and vocal about my find. I'm glad Mia isn't at the age where she's embarrassed my her mama :) Oh, speaking of embarrassing. How many times do I have to walk up to the register with a whole bunch of beer before noon on Sunday and be told no go before I learn to be mindful of the day and time?

Back home to pick up the Dada and we drove over to Auntie M, Unca Joe and Cousin Gwen's place for a fun afternoon. Nana and Pawpaw were there, too. Happiness. Nana was center of the girls' universe, so I was able to chat a lot with Melissa....when we weren't trying to redirect a tot...Mia really doesn't dig sharing her Nana....but she's learning. When her Nana was occupied with her cousin, Mia looked for her Pawpaws' loving arms.

The guys chatted about the house we're looking to buy. We all ended up out on the shaded deck. Gwen applied dots of sunblock on herself, Mia found a new purse (watering can)and the girls stole ice from their Nana's glass....Nana was in HEAVEN.

I actually played ping pong (I don't call it table tennis...that's not how I grew up) with Joe. He's a blast to play with and was very understanding of my super competitive nature and my lack of ping pong skills....both those things together just made me laugh and laugh and laugh. I'm so ready for round two...hell, if I break a sweat...that's exercise and it counts!

I was given two Mother's Day amazingly beautiful orchid by Dee. I love that gifts from her are always thoughtful and things that I want but would never buy for myself. Melissa was super sweet and gave me a sweet treat...a yummy chocolate bar. Yes, it is gluten free :) I embarrassingly was empty handed. My mind has been so clear lately, but I spaced on a going away gift for Elsa and now Mother's Day. I need to work on that. I hope these women know how incredible I think they are and how fortunate I am to have them in my life.