Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Seis de Mayo

Sophia....una Muñeca

It rained on Cinco de Mayo, so Andrea and I rescheduled the fiesta to Tuesday, the 6th. The kids didn't notice. All I can tell my Amiga is Te Aventaste! It was a lot of work, but it totally paid off.
Everything so so festively decorated. The crafts were a hit....shaker, flower making, face painting (I don't think that happened, though), and Sarah & Isabel brought DIY pinata supplies!

I was lucky to find a toro pinata and loaded it up with bubbles, necklaces and stickers. Most of the kids had a go at it, and so did a couple of Mamas. I think Melanie Damon's mama) was the one to bust it open.

Then Andrea T broke out the cascarones...all over Andrea H's head!
Mia. In the first 5 min, she was covered in mud, then ate her weight in shredded cheese, off to go chew on a marker or two, hmmmm I wonder if more sandia agua fresca got in her tummy or on her dress. She didn't want to wear her cute new she was barefoot, and wasn't into her corona de flores either...I didn't see Sophia with hers on, so I don't feel so bad.

Everyone contributed to the awesome taco bar. Gabriel hand made emanadas and pan dulce!!! I've never made either... I was totally impressed!

I made paper flores for all the mamas with chongos (ponytails), so many ended up looking quite festive. I can't wait till Diez y Seis de Septembre, I'm sure we'll have another fiesta!!!!