Monday, May 5, 2008

Casa T

Mia and I went over to Andrea & Sophia's this morning to drop off some stuff for tomorrow's Seis de Mayo's raining today, so we've postponed it. You know we couldn't leave without playing!

It's so warm, mellow and laid back there. Mia gets along well with all the kids. They each have their own way of doing things, and Andrea is so great with them. Creativity is nurtured, and climbing on the low table to get to the blocks and puzzles is acceptable :) Free and fun! Andrea is la Reyna de Redirection. When Mia screamed with delight, Andrea explained that inside is a quieter place than outside, and outdoors we can scream....but always think of other people and how it affects them...does it hurt their ears? does it make someone else feel uncomfortable? There's always a time and place for ever thing, and Ms. Andrea always lets the kids be themselves, but respecting and caring for others, is equally as important. Oh, we all discussed manners in language that the kiddos could totally get. You could tell that they liked being a little more aware of each other.

The end of the day at Casa T is always ended with hugs for everyone...even though it wasn't the end of the day, everyone gave us big hugs before we left.


Andrea said...

We love having you chicas over at Casa T!