Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mia's full morning of Firsts

our loot. notice the empty berry basket...they never do make it home

Daryl had to work again on Sat, so Mia and I hit the road. Destination: Austin Farmer's Market

We briefly ran into Natalie...poor thing got her blackberries at the wrong booth. They were not tasty looking. Mia and I ran into Mel, Greyson and Mel's Mom (I'm THAT good at remembering names). We all hung out around the bandstand and ate up breakfast tacos while listening to some hillbilly was.
Then, I lost Mia for the first time! She and Greyson went up to throw a buck into the tip bucket. I assumed that Mel's Mom had Mia, too. Oops! In the time it took me to wrangle the stroller free from a mess of chairs, she was GONE! Mia runs. She runs fast. I just took off in the direction I thought she'd go...I got to the end of the block. No Mia. I was freaking out. People were just in my way. I saw a cop, touched his arm and said 'I lost my baby' and kept walking. I didn't have time to talk. I heard him behind me when, through the crowd, I saw Mia in Mel's arms. I LOVE Mel!!!!!! I couldn't move. I bent over with my hands on my knees and just cried. I don't remember moving, but soon, Mia was in my arms and I was hugging her so tight, telling her that I love her. I saw in Mel's yes that she got me. I LOVE Mel! Apparently, instead of taking of down the block like I thought, Mia went around the band and started dancing. That's how Mel found her. Grooving to a hillbilly beat without a care in the world. Life goes on.

Mia at the tip bucket seconds before I lost her

Time for mango ice at Jim Jim's stand and then off to the fountain to cool of. Andrea, Sophia and Domi met us out there, too. I snapped a lovely shot of Domi blowing bubbles into his hibiscus tea :) Greyson was all into the water. Sophia sat next to her mamacita and Mia sat on the bench and experienced her first brain freeze seconds after Mel called hers. That's the only way I would have know what made Mia go from loving life to freakin' out in 2 seconds.

Oh, Mia and I walked to the market together from Book People. She go a ride in her stroller on the way back. We made it there just in time for a puppet show! Mia's first puppet show! It was based on the book Is your Mama a LLama, and it ROCKED! I busted out laughing several times. Mia was so into it, too. She got all excited, pointed, called out the animals and had a hard time she stood.


Andrea said...

omgoodness...the pic of mia right after her brain freeze. poor baby! I love how your chronicle the day.

I'm sorry you had that horrible scare. I've had it too (with Domi) and there is no word to describe that panic!!

Andrea said...

meant to say, i love how YOU chronicle the day...

it's late...