Sunday, May 4, 2008

I heart POC

Just got back from a SUPER FAB weekend at the coast...Port O'Connor to be exact. Nana & PawPaw have a house there, and were thrilled to share it with us for the weekend. Oh, we all needed the break!

They hooked Mia up with an inflatable swimming pool for the deck. Mia went nakie and splashed and slid (YES, it has a slide!) for hours. It's a perfect distraction for when Tom, Daryl and I go fishing. We can stay out for hours knowing that between her beloved Nana and her pool, Mia would be more than content.

Saturday morning, we all hopped on the boat and went for a cruise to look for dolphin...jackpot! PawPaw knows the best places to go. We had the best time. Mia just loves sitting with her Nana looking for baby dolphins. On the way back, they 'fished' with a pole that actually didn't touch the water, but it was a fun experience :) Another cool thing going on in POC was the Warrior Weekend. Wounded Military Vets came from all around the area to be commended and fussed over. There were so many boats with American flags on them...they had each volunteered to take a vet or two fishing for the day. Wish we would have known, it was too late to sign up :(

Tom, Daryl and I took off for a beautiful afternoon of fishing. We were all so relaxed. The fish were practically jumping in the boat. We each caught many, but only took 2 gaff tops back for dinner...we let the small ones go on their merry way. Tom threw them on the grill, and everyone (except me) enjoyed them....I'm not much into eating fish...Just catching. Oh, I got to drive the boat was able to put it back in it's slip. I didn't hit a pole or's at a sharp angle, so everyone always taps a little...that's what the bumpers are for. He said I did the best job ever! Even better that HIM! I was proud, so were Daryl and Tom :)

Again, like whenever Nana is around, Daryl and I became chopped liver. It's all about the Nana and Pawpaw, but especially the Nana. It's so wonderful that Mia has such wonderful grandparents. Between Nana, Pawpaw and Ita, Mia's covered! Here are some shots of tNana and Mia playing together.

It was a relaxing, yet full of fun weekend, and we really appreciate Tom and Dee inviting us out there and sharing their beautiful home and hearts with us. Love you guys!

here's a video of Mia hanging with the dolphins:


Andrea said...

wow! wow! dolphins!

what a great way to spend the weekend!