Friday, May 2, 2008

Mother Sister

While playing/getting ready for next weeks' Cinco de Mayo fiesta, dear friend Anjalika spoke much Hindi with her sweet daughter, Anika. They recently returned from their 10 week sojourn to India. One word repeatedly used, and seemed to use either Andrea or me in context was 'Masi'. Anjalika explained that it meant 'mother sister' which literally means aunt, but is often used for close female friends. Andrea and I are both in LOVE with being called Masi. It's so cariƱoso (loving and affectionate). It really describes the over all feel of our time spent together yesterday. It was a lovely day and a lovely time for us as well as the children.

Andrea lovingly cooked up some fideo con pollito for us, Anjalika made this super tasty salad. Over lunch, I let it out that I'd never had Indian food's just never come up in restaurant choices. What would I even order?!?! Then later, we talked about the Festival of Indian festival. While I'm very open to other cultures, I honestly haven't been exposed to many. That's gonna change, cuz Anjalika and Anika are planning to host an Indian themed playdate :) Yay! It just never occured to her that we'd be interested in's her culture, just like my Latin :) culture...we don't know other people would be intrigued or thing it was special.


Andrea said...

Great pics!!

Regarless of what culture/heritage we come from, there's a universal law for how toddlers clean their mocos!

I can't wait to experience some of Anjalika's culture. I'm all about multiculturalism. =)

Stephanie said...

Looks like it was a beautiful afternoon. I might just have to throw a Hanukkah party next year so we can keep the multiculturalism going!

Unknown said...

Multiculturalism....YAY! No Indian food ever? You are missing out girlfriend! Colton loves indian curry!

anja said...

What a lovely was such a fabulous day, I didn't lose my temper even once all day=) The pics are so great as always..I love Anika's gold digging,sheesh..

I better stop being a lazy bitch and find an Indian themed playdate pronto..before the month is out on a tuesday..tick tock tick tock..