Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beer Thirty

A few mamas and their tots met over at Jenni's casa yesterday afternoon. While the kids played, we watched, laughed, chatted and had a couple of beers. Wonderful way to end the week and start the weekend!
Layla and Townsend have an awesome backyard that's made even better when the hose is turned on. Yay mud! Layla said that if her arms are coated in mud, then bugs won't bite her. Roarke picked and gave a flower to miss Layla. Not sure Roarke was too into it, but Layla appreciated it. She then told Roarke to go get her another one. Jenni was on the scene to tell Layla that she couldn't go around demanding flowers from boys.....oh, yes she can! :)

Donna hauled their new jumper over to add to the fun. When we left, Mia was exhausted, and I was refreshed :)

this pic of Mia taken by Stephanie