Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mudder's Day

Daryl taught Mia how to say Happy Mother's Day. It was so charming to hear my little girls' voice singing 'Happy Mudder's Day, my Mama' this morning...and all day long. I kept thanking Daryl. Without him, I wouldn't be a mudder.

They were sweet and made blueberry pancakes for me this morning. Mia LOVES to stir and stir and stir.... She flipped a little bit then snuggled up with me while daddy finished cooking. Ahhhh breakfast in bed. Then Daryl took Mia shopping, so I had some alone time. I took a super long bath and read in bed. It was the BEST!

Icky face...Daryl hates messing with raw eggs :)

just a little taste

When they came home....a long time later, they brought my fav Pad Thai for lunch. Yum!, chocolates and a Djembabes CD! Yay me!!! After Mia's nap, we all played on the floor...forever! She wanted to play dress up, so I ran upstairs and brought down all her stuff. She wanted to wear it all at the same time, but ended up with a purple velvet and feather skirt (used as a top), a silver sequin skirt, a purple satin purse, silver sequin shoes and a coon skin hat! She's so much fun :)

why does she insist on growing up?

The best part of the whole day was all the uninterrupted silly time I spent with my loving husband and daughter. I heart being a mudder.

Happy Mudder's day morphs into Happy Birthday while trying to wish her mama, Nana and Ita a Happy Mother's Day:


Stephanie said...

Sounds like the perfect day!!

Andrea said...

I love the video!
I just love Mia.