Sunday, May 18, 2008

going to market

Saturday morning while Daryl met up with his Dad to inspect the house we're looking to buy, Mia and I hit the road and ended up at the Austin Farmers Market. It was such a beautiful morning, and even more so cuz we ran into Melanie and Greyson. Yay! Mia and I both had a friend to hang and have breakfast tacos with.

We bought and ate strawberries and the juiciest nectarines ever...yes, they are supposed to be juicy....who knew? Green beans and some YUMMY gluten-free tasties from Living Arts Bakery also made it in our bag. Mia made her pick of flower bouquets for her Nana. I got Mia a super cute tee. We saw this cute kid around 8 yrs old playing soccer in HEELS...and a fabulously pregger mama with her honey toting her flowers. Awwwww
Mia and Greyson chilled IN the water fountain. We cooled off with some of Jim Jim's pina colada water ice!! Mia grooved to the live music. We also ran into Stephanie and her crew, but they were just getting there as we were leaving.

We met up with Mel and Greyson at Book People for some story and art time. The planets were aligned just right cuz we ran into more friends....Anjalika, Anika and um....Anja's husband. I hate when I forget names. They were on the way to lunch at Mr. Natural, and invited us to go with. Next time, cuz we had plans to meet up with Dada, Nana & Pawpaw for lunch.

Mia was so sweet when she handed her bunch of flowers to her Nana and said 'happy mudder's day'. Yes, Dee's heart did in fact melt onto the floor. We had a great chat about the passed Tom's thorough exam. Mia entertained us all by fashioning a hat out of the lid to the tortilla warmer.


Unknown said...

You guys are buying a house? How did I miss the news?!?! YIPPEE!!!

iMother2.0 said...

No. We aren't buying a house. If I said that we were buying a foreclosed house, then we'd be jinxed and someone would out bid us.
We're just 'looking' ;)