Friday, May 9, 2008

Fun in & out of the sun

The other day, Stephanie, Roarke & Cole came over to play. It was so nice just to sit and chat while our kids played. Roarke really involves Mia in his playful games. She pauses and watches him for a while, then she gets into it. They are so funny to watch. Cole found a basket and ball to enjoy. Mia and Cole always hug and's so cute. Then pizza for lunch. It doesn't get much better. For some reason the kids weren't into photos, so I only got a couple.

Today, we went over to Eva & Meela's place for a fun sailboat making party that Gabriel & Kanai helped host. It was a BLAST! They had two swimming pools full of water. We never made a boat, but Mia spent the whole time outside, stripped nakie and splashed in the pools with her pals :) Mia's pal, Cassidy had a great time floating her boat and was so proud of herself!


Stephanie said...

It's been a fun week! I've enjoyed hanging with you, Mama!