Thursday, May 22, 2008

Botanical Art

This week, Andrea & I ...with our tots, hosted an O'Mama art playdate. It rocked! We pressed found botanicals into Sculpey...baked for 10 min and out came the most remarkable pieces of art. Hard as rocks and can be used for dough molds and fun stuff along with just being beautiful. Many were very zen like...we all LOVED Che's.

Andrea is always so much fun to host with for so many reasons. She just opens up her home and heart so everyone is very relaxed...perfect mood for creating :)

Two other great parts about this project:Daryl helped me roll the Sculpey into balls...30 of them. We had fun just sitting there, chatting and rolling.It was so wonderful walking around the yard with Mia picking leaves, stems and twigs. She's just a cool kid.