Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Nurse Mia

Nurse Mia & my frog

This morning, Mia found a suction bulb and tried to suck out the non-existent snot in her nose, my frogs nose and even her toe!

Then we hopped over to Auntie M & Gwen's place for a playdate they were hosting. We saw Wendy and Zephyr. Wendy hosted the very FIRST playdate Mia and I went to. Mia was about 4 months old. This was for the Austin Mamas 2006 group, so all the babies were about the same age, and all the mamas were in dire need of socialization. It saved my sanity. Well, now Zephyr is a kid! We did get to meet Ashley and her son Michael. Michael is almost 4 months old. I would have thought Mia would be all over him...she's quite into her baby dolls, but apparently not. She just took a toy over to him, and walked away. Well, with active kids like Anika, Gwen, Sarah, Livie & Zephyr to play with, a lumpy baby wouldn't do. Michael was a cutie, and he gave me the biggest smiles.

Mia & Zephyr riveted by Allison & Wendy's chat
Mia, Wendy & Zephyr enjoy storytime with Melissa

Anjalika & Her Anika

Anjalika's new hat

Ashley & her Michael (Sarah looks on)

Livie & Gwen

Livie digging Mia's Yamika


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