Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Livie!!! (Amy & Tim's Livie)

Mia's friend, Livie, turned two today, and we were lucky enough to be able to share it with her. It was a perfect morning for a birthday picnic at the park. We hung out with Livie and her parents Amy & Tim, Mia's sweet Auntie M & Gwen, Juliet & Blake, and Esther & Noa. A new member of the group stopped by for a minute... Jana & her Logan.
The party started off the bucket swing and pebble area. Esther broke out some buckets and shovels, and Mia went to town! I think the hardest thing for her right now is learning not to throw pebbles or sand no matter how exciting it may seem. Tim actually made Livie's Elmo birthday cake with his own hands...mixed the colors and frosted it, too. It really did look (and taste) perfect. Phoebe delicately ate her piece with a fork, while Mia dug right in...literally! Mia and Blake have been hanging out lately, and they've figured out their own play style. Blake goes and finds a nice spot in the sand to dig in, Mia follow, but stays about 20 feet away, and they play together. Looking at each other, giving an occasional smile... It works for them.
Well, after a wonderful time, we had to run home for a much needed nap. Mia, after coming down from a nice sugar high,crashed.
Livie the Lone Pelican Rider

Esther & Noa

Gwen swinging so high in the sky Mia playing with one of Noa's buckets Blake & Mia playing together
Tim's masterpiece: The Elmo Cake
Birthday girl Livie, Amy & Tim
Cheng & Phoebe
not shy about eating cake!

After Mia's nap, I had to run by the office for some things I needed for a project I've been working on. We didn't get to see Daddy or Unca Joe!!! We hung out with Nik and Aaron for a while till Daddy did come in, and we had a late lunch in the conference room. Oh, Mia is now fake sneezing and fake blowing her nose. We don't do the 'god bless you ' thing after sneezes. We just say 'sneeze', and now Mia is faking huge aaaaaachhhhoooos. What a ham :)

after a fake sneeze, Mia fake blows her nose

We had to leave Dada to his work, and we needed to drop off some library books, so we hung out at the WB library. Mia loves messing with their puzzles, leggos and especially their computers :)

Wells Branch Library's new computer tech