Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Super Snapper to the rescue!

Yesterday was fun. She was in an awesome mood. I think her her new teeth are giving her a bit of a respite. Mia helped me pull weeds, water the ferns and play in the hose till she was soaking wet. She hopped on her little 'car' for a spin, but preferred pushing it along. We went for a long walk to the mailbox and back. She returned from that adventure sweaty and pink cheeked. The trip was a success because she was able to check the mail herself, and she even had a package just for her. Her new smock came in. It's the sweetest little smock. Hand sewn vintage strawberry print oilcloth, with cap sleeves, two pockets and a little touch of ric-rac for good measure. It covers her whole front almost down to her knees, and ties in the back. Now she's protected from getting drenched while 'washing' dishes at the sink. I love that I won't have to undress her every time she wants to play in the water...which happens 3-6 times a day. It has a little hook in the pantry, where she gets it when needed and puts back when done.

Something new we're trying out is giving her some responsibility around the house. She helps clean up and stuff, but I've given her a shelf in the pantry for her juice cups, milk cups, plastic ware, bowls and plates. Now when she wants something, I ask her for it, and she goes and gets it, and she looks pretty proud of herself. After a meal, she helps load her stuff into the dishwasher, and when washed, she unloads her stuff, too. Now, I have to give her the tour of her stuff whenever we need something, but she's really taken to it. Since before we moved, Mia's been interested in sweeping the kitchen floor with me, so now she has a little broom her size and we parallel sweep. It really makes her smile. I guess she's at the emulating stage, and I love it. She's so cute:)

Playing with her shapes puzzle is something she really enjoys. Her favorite shape is an oval. Yesterday, while playing with her markers, she looked down at the end of a cap and said 'oval'. Pondered a bit, then said 'no.... circle'. She also corrected herself while on our walk. She called the manhole an oval then switched to...no....oval. She says twigle for triangle, but doesn't attempt to say rectangle or square, but can pick 'em out in a line up.

We had a great day today. Starting off with The Little Gym. Mia does love to swing from that bar! Then we meet a moms group at Barnes and Noble for a playdate. Two moms couldn't make it, so the kids brought their dads in stead. We met Livie's daddy, Tim and Simon's daddy, Jason. Esther & Noa, Juliet & Blake, and Cheng and Phoebe also played. The center was definitely the Thomas Train table, while Mia decided to decorate it with stuffed puppies, ducks & cats. She also thought that Jason should never be without a Curious George for any reason. Juliet brought the diapers we'd ordered from her. Mia got 2 swim diaper and a regular cloth diaper. Well, there isn't anything regular about it. It's super cute with pink and chocolate brown stripes. She forgot the insert, so we'll have to wait till tomorrow to try it out. We're hoping it'll make the potty transition easier.

After a long nap, we attempted to walk down to the mailbox, but our neighbor Jillian, mama to Kaylie, came out and invited us in for impromptu play time. We're going to try to play at each other's homes a few times, then trade babysitting once the girls are comfy. SCORE!!!!

Daddy felt a little better today, but not so much this evening. We've heard that Melissa and Gwen are sick as dogs, and send hugs their way. Oh, that reminds me... yesterday, while on our walk, Mia walked up to some one's walk, and said 'M, play". She thought we were at her Auntie M's place and wanted to play.

Mama putting her face on, while Mia rouges her hair

hot, sweaty & pink, but very happy I just can't take it anymore
Hip baby smock
Super Snapper pickin' her super boogers
Dada gave her that tissue paper super cape ;)