Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beautiful Saturday

I met Lori & Sarah at the new Starbucks on Parmer & Mopac. I hadn't seen them since my birthday in mid-August, so this visit was long over due. We enjoyed our coffee/chai and an undisturbed three hour chat. That's something that can only be done without the girls, so I'd like to thank our loving husbands for giving us some much need time. After Mia's nap, we filled up the pool and Mia and I had a nice little swim. Mia swam, I was nice. She practiced floating on her back and kicking. The funniest thing happened when Mia leaned against the side with the whole weight of her body...the side of the pool dipped, water rushed out and took Mia along for a ride. Within a couple of seconds, she was sitting on her butt in the grass with a bewildered look on her sweet face. I couldn't control my laughter, and I think Mia thought I was funny, so she did it again and again. Daryl grilled up some great chicken, spinach and feta brats. Then we settled in to watch the UT game.