Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Mia Chronicles part 3

Daryl and I are off to pick up our snapper!!!! We've had a wonderful weekend...well, we both worked mostly, but we did get some nice alone time. Last night, Daryl and I went to The Iron Catcus for a yummy and relaxing dinner (try THAT with a toddler!), and then to Fast Eddie's to watch the USC game and shoot some pool. We actually broke our own cues out of the closet! I almost forgot how beautiful my cue is and how damn well I play with it :)

Here's another sweet email from Dee:

Yesterday after the football game, we decided to keep her inside (well...for the most part) in case she was getting a cold. She did go outside and help PawPaw feed the dogs, the chickens, and the pond fish. For the rest of the day, we played peek a boo, where's Mia, and taught her some new tricks! Oop - I don't think I was supposed to tell you that! :-) But Mia flushes the toilet quite well now...

She snuggled for reading time and played the where's mama and dada game for a couple of hours. And let's not forget We put her down at 9 and she was almost instantly asleep. The humidifier worked very well. She woke up once coughing at about 3 and that was just about it for the night. A little cough medicine, a clean diaper and some nice warm milk was just the trick -she went right back to sleep. This morning, PawPaw just couldn't help checking on her at 8, and there she was..smiling, happy and wide awake. Just checking out her surroundings. She has been in such a good mood this morning. She went outside to help get the paper and feed the chickens - a favorite chore now! Especially since chickens say Bok, Bok. When I go to work tomorrow, I'm going to have to be careful not to tell them what roosters say... :-)
Mia knows you're coming this afternoon. When we tell her that, she plays the where's mama where's dada game. It's the cutest thing!!