Saturday, September 15, 2007

Has it been since Tuesday? (added video at the end)

I haven't blogged since Tuesday! My mom lives for info, pics & videos of Mia, so I really try to keep up with it. Since Tuesday, I've been under the weather and very busy. Here's a recap since Tuesday. Wednesday, Mia and I went to our first official Music Together class. It was fantastic. Our instructor, Jephta is amazingly talented and kind. Since we had gone to the trial class the week before, Mia was aware of the huge clear Tupperware box filled with colorful egg shakers. Mia has two at home, and has always loved them, but a whole box full was more temptation than this little snapper could handle. While we were all singing and stuff, Mia went over to the counter and stretched, stretched and stretched her body as far as it would stretch, but to no avail. So, our little problem solver found the solid blue container of musical instruments (she was unaware what the container contained, if she knew, she'd have just opened it up and started playing!), began to drag it out from under the counter, when most of the other kids saw what she was up to and decided to join the mutiny. So, we have Mia and about 8 other tots pushing and pulling the blue box. Mia wants to push it towards the counter area right under the clear box with all the egg shakers, but her buddies just want to push and pull in any random direction. Jephta, amazed by it all, happily banished the blue box to the hall and Mia's plans were thwarted. She stood there. Looked at the egg shakers. Looked at Jephta. Looked at the door. Looked at me. Burst in to tears! She'd tried so hard!!! DENIED!!!! A big hug and a fun song brought her back into the circle..sniffling a little...where she proceeded to tap her hands on her knees and sing 'ba ba ba' while us all.
That evening, Mia stayed with her Dada, while I went to WineStyles for a Mother's Night Out, wine tasting, and Self-Renewal party with a mom's group I belong to. Renee Trudeau, author of “The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life” was the guest speaker. After some wonderful appetizers and sweets (each mom brought a little something), a relaxing chair massage, and tasting some delicious called Mommy's Time Out :) Renee led the group in a wonderful discussion of Self-care. Not only the facial, pedicure, massage stuff....but the physical, emotional, and spiritual stuff, too. One thing she said really stood out for me 'when you fly, the flight attendants always say to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, before you help your child'. If you aren't taking care of yourself, how can you take care of your child properly. I want to teach Mia, by example, that she's important, wonderful and deserving of a fulfilling life.

Speaking of that...I got a job!!! I'm now a GCS employee!!! Joe offered me a job as a marketing assistant. I pretty much do all the little things that he can't be bothered with. I met my first deadline yesterday, and did a pretty good job. Joe even said so :) I'll be working about 15 hrs a week. Which is perfect, because I can do everything while Mia is napping or asleep for the night. It's fun work, and it gives me stuff to do that isn't mama stuff. It's a very welcome change. AND...Joe is a fabulous boss :) Now that I'm doing some non-mama things, it makes me really cherish the mama things. Thursday, I felt a little under the weather. I think ragweed allergies. So, Mia and I took the day off from activities and relaxed around the house. I took 1/2 a dose of allergy medicine, and about 4 hours later, still felt crappy, so I took 1/2 a dose of Tylenol Cold. Well, the combo of the two almost knocked me out. Daryl had to come home to watch Mia, while I passed out and slept for almost 5 hours!!!! Craziness. I'm feeling much better today.
Yesterday, we started out the day by hitting Ready Set Play. We had the place to ourselves for about 1/2 an hour, but then only a few little kids showed up. After an hour of playing, we walked down to 1/2 Price Books for a read, and come out of there with only 2 books. Now that's restraint! We walked down the strip mall to Kaleidoscope Toys. Mia had a blast checking out the duckies, puppets and the train set. We walk out of there with absolutely nothing! After lunch, Mia took a nice long nap. Mia's Na Na and Paw Paw came over to fetch the snapper for a weekend of fun! They got here when she was down for her nap, so when I came down the stairs with her, and she saw her Paw Paw in the green chair, and her Nana on the sofa, she couldn't believe it. She softly said under her breath, 'Paw Paw' he was an apparition or something. She then pointed to her Nana, then at her Paw Paw again, and kept saying 'Paw Paw' as f he were magic :) We chatted a bit, while Mia played with her Paw Paw and showed him all her books, and I packed up her overnight bags. Then after a big hug and a kiss, the Snapper was gone. I was a little sad, but she was in the best hands, and I knew she'd have a ball. Daryl and I went out to the Alamo Drafthouse for dinner and a movie last night. We saw Superbad. It was hilarious. I hadn't laughed that hard in a while. This morning, Daryl had to work on a project, so I took advantage of the empty house and cleaned it to a gleaming shine. I even got to vacuum. That's something I just can't do with Mia around. The noise freaks her out a bit. Now I'm off to watch the UT game with my honey, and I think we have plans to go out again to night. It's a great opportunity to reconnect as husband and wife, not just Mama and Dada.

Why don't you relax and watch Mia play with the trains for a while?