Saturday, September 8, 2007

a little less fringe

I did it. I did. I cut Mia's hair.

These little wispy pieces were in her eyes all the time. It may not have bugged her, but it bugged me. She was great about letting me pull it to the side and clip or bow it, but she's so freakin' active with rolls, and such, that her cute little clips would fall out. So, more often than not, when I would look at her, I'd always think that I should be pulling her hair out of her eyes.

This morning, I just got a wild hair and plopped her in front of Eebee with a little towel wrapped around her and cut. She sat there and took it, but then kept touching her hair and somehow knew some was missing and she stood there with a bewildered look on her sweet face until I pointed out the little clippings on the towel. She did NOT like that, and quickly moved on to other things.

needing a trim

just when I thought she couldn't look any cuter....

Daddy was in charge of lunch today. Um, he was a little late, so Mia started with a blue crayon amuse-bouche :)


Another cute thing she did today was this: there's this Elmo book we checked out from the library yesterday. On the last page there are bubbles to count. Now, we've read this book at least 20 times in the past 24 is Elmo... and every time we come to the bubble page, Mia bends down and 'kisses' the page. Cute? It gets even cuter. We realized that Mia was not kissing the page, but trying to blow bubbles out of the illustrated bubble wand! No pics of this...yet!