Friday, September 7, 2007

Eebee Withdrawal

Daryl came home early from work today. Poor sweetie is sick. He's felt nauseous since yesterday, so he came home to sleep. In order for that to happen, Mia and I vacated the premises and headed to Walgreen's for some medicine and Gatorade. Mia commandeered the cart, and only crashed a couple of times. Everyone in the store thought she was precious, and will I agree, this really is a good way for her to release some of her after-nap energy.

After Walgreen's, I knew it was too early to go back home, so we visited our local library. The children's librarian was so nice and welcoming (it was our first time there). She thought it was cute and very appropriate that Mia had no clue what an indoor voice was or how to whisper...other than in the Goodnight Moon part where the quiet old lady whispered 'hush'. We were invited to story time that she runs for kids on Fridays. I think Mia will be in the Monkey in the Middle class. Sounds like fun, and it's right before her nap, so when we find ourselves a free Friday, you'll now where we'll be :)

After 3 hours, we thought Dada just may be awake, and we missed him so, that we headed home. Even though he was still not feeling very well, he wanted to play with Mia. He taught Mia how to dip the bubble wand into the cup and press the magic button to let bubbles fly. I'm not sure who had more fun, Mia or Niles. Daddy was barely hanging on, poor thing.

Later, after dinner, Mia was a little over tired, and desperately wanting Eebee. Here's a little clip of Mia going through Eebee withdrawal.