Friday, September 28, 2007

'gentle' is a good word

Our dear friends Suzy and Livie invited us over to the Brushy Creek Community Center this morning. One Friday a month, they have special events for the neighborhood kids. Today they had a petting zoo! There were two pens. In the first one there were oodles of bunnies, chicks and one duckling. In the second pen, were the goats, sheep, piglets, chickens, ducks and geese! We started off in the first pen, and we all went crazy over the soft and sweet bunnies. Livie only liked white bunnies. Mia had to be eye level with any animal she came across, and always said 'hi'. She was so gentle and tender with all the animals. She really is a joy to watch. Livie was awesome with the bunnies. She held them just right, well, until she did the 'bunny toss' :) I don't think she much cared for anything but those white little bunnies. We all had the best time! The animals were so clean and well behaved. Mia was able to hand feed pigs, goats, sheep even a duck and goose. They gently pecked out of her hand. Now a friendly ducks and geese (when it comes to food) are something I've never seen. Now I'm thinking of getting a petting zoo for Mia's birthday...wait, that's in January...too, long of a wait. Maybe for Daryl's birthday :)

After the animal escapade, we hung out on the centers' patio and had a snack. The garden back there is so beautiful with a koi pond, meandering trails, butterfly/hummingbird attracting plants, and a little windmill. We're going to have to go back when we have more time. When the girls were finished with their snack, we went back to their house. Mia and Livie played in Livie's new sandbox, while Suzy and I chatted away. The girls get along so well. We really get to sit back and relax. The sunblock and sand mixture was a little too sticky and scratchy, so Mia took a bath in Livie's tub before we got back into the car. Ahhhhhhhhhh fresh :)
Once home Mia had a nice nap, and I was able to get some work done. Speaking of work, today was my first payday!!!! It was only one weeks worth, but it was a check none the less!!! Mia, wearing her mama's socks, greeted her dada home w a big hug and kiss. We piled in the car and had a very tasty dinner at
La Margarita. Mia was so well behaved. There were plenty of other kids for her to watch, and the quesadilla kept her quite busy and quiet. After such a full day, Mia hit her bed...hard! We have a big day planned for tomorrow. I'm off to relax with my honey.

I know I post a lot of pictures, but they are ALL so sweet to me. I actually do leave out quite a few.

I'm sooooo not ready to have the sex talk yet! Here's a little footage of our fun with the animals