Monday, September 3, 2007

Mia's sleep over w/ Guest blogger ~ Nana

Tom & Dee graciously invited Mia over for a sleep over! They came over Saturday morning to pick the Snapper up, giving Daryl and me a Snapper free day. While we did miss her, we had a lot of fun. Daryl helped his brother build a deck, and I took a long bath, watched bad TV and finally made it over to Joe & Melissa's to check out the fabulous deck. After a nice visit (I finally got to see all those cute videos of Gwen!), Daryl and I went home and watched the 1st UT game of the season with Shane, Krista, Steven and Jonas. Daryl rigged up the 'big screen' using the projector from the office. We drank beer, had pizza and cupcakes and had a great time watching the game. We did get some sweet emails from Dee of Mia's escapades, and here they are (Dee's promised some photos and I'll post them when I get them, but Melissa sent over some snaps of when they were over there Sunday morning and the sleep over was still going strong):

Mia's escapades, Chapter 1
Sat 9/1/2007 2:16 PM

We've had such a fun start to the weekend! Mia kept us entertained all the way home singing Eebee and talking to us. Peek a boo was by far the favorite game! We made a pit stop at the grocery store where Mia found a new baby (complete with bottle) to love. While we checked out, a Hello Kitty balloon joined our crew.

Mia ate a HUGE lunch and then played with MiMaw and me while PawPaw took his nap. Then, off to the swings to talk to Bubba and Bug and swing for a while. She came in and got to pet a mouse! Yes, a real one. She doesn't know that he is the snakes dinner date. She was VERY enchanted.

After all that excitement, she said nite nite and went off to bed for a much needed nap.
Chapter 2 to follow.

Mia's weekend with Nana and PawPaw Chapter 2
Sat 9/1/2007 9:26 PM

Mia had a very nice hour and a half nap after her busy morning. She woke up as happy as she could be, looking for her Paw Paw. She is definitely becoming a PawPaws girl! We set up the pool and Mia played and played and played. She climbed in and out of her pool for about half an hour, then PawPaw put her new chair that Aunt Janice and MiMaw bought her right in the middle of her pool. Now she could sit out with all the big guys! What a development. We stayed around the pool for about 2 hours while she delightedly dumped water on Nana and we all laughed. She kissed the dogs (and made them quite uncomfortable - both dogs acted like teenage boys!)

After such a busy afternoon swimming, Mia put away 5 garlic buttered shrimp, rice, and a ton of fresh corn. And of course, the cookie that Nana promised her earlier in the day. Then the UT game started - Mia thought it was very strange that attention turned to the game, but no worries - it didn't last for long.She decided to sit in MiMaws lap and read TWO books! She took a very cool bath in Nana's great big tub, and then snuggled with Nana and PawPaw until she was too tired to stay awake another minute. I asked her if she was ready for night night, and she actually looked relieved!!

What an amazing day with an incredible young lady. Well...PawPaw says the lady thing might be premature. She sure did giggle and say "Toot toot" when she farted! :-)
All in all, the best day I've spent in a long time. Our little amazing girl is asleep rejuvenating for new adventures tomorrow!

Mia's visit to Nana and Pawpaw Chapter 3
Sun 9/2/2007 9:36 AM

Mia played so hard yesterday that she fell asleep by 9 pm last night and didn't wake up until 8:15 this morning. She woke up very amazed to be at Nana and Pawpaws home still! She wanted her Paw Paw and was so excited that he was here! She ate bananas, eggs, toast, and fruit for her breakfast and played with MiMaw (Mimaw slept even later than Mia!).