Thursday, September 6, 2007

New class

I started this morning off by being very gently woken up by Daryl explaining why it was 7:30am and why he was still home. Apparently, after making Mia's night night milk cup last night, he left the milk out of the fridge...all night He noticed before he went to work, went to the store and brought back fresh milk. Awwwww Super Dada takes care of his snapper. Sucks for him that he had to do all that, but I still don't understand why he WOKE me to tell me about his morning escapades :) Well, I was informed, and now up.

Mia soon followed, and we had a nice start in her room reading books while she snuggled on my lap in the rocker. She with her sippy of juice, me with my chai, together reading about hippos. She likes gathering all her books on hippos...she has a few. She says 'hippo' and runs across her room to grab the hippo book she'd spied, until she was sidetracked by a 'deeba', I guess I should translate...that's Zebra. I must admit, she's shifted her affections from ducks...I know! to hippos and deebas. Many of the hippo books are from our Sandra Boyton I just remembered, she's now crazy for pegins (penguins), too. She gets her love of deebas from the many Baby Einstein books and the DVD about the seasons. A couple of crazy deebas in that one. Also, for Christmas last year, my mom got Mia a subscription to a cute monthly magazine about animals. I can't remember the name, and I'm surely NOT going into Mia's room while she's sleeping to find out! Anyway, there's one dedicated to deebas and Mia loves it.

After all the reading and snuggling, we got ready for swim class. Miss Chantal, her teacher, wasn't there today, but we had a great sub, who figured why Mia always wants to turn to her left side and on her back while swimming. Her right side is much stronger than her left. Something not found very often in young swimmers. It seems that Mia's hemi-vertebrae is the cause. It's actually a good thing, because Mia is very comfy floating on her back now. That is also rare in a young swimmer. It's great for her safety, though. Floating comfy on their backs is a safety skill, so Mia's got that covered.

When we were finished with swimming, we met up with about 10 mamas & kids from a group we belong to for a free
Music Together demonstration class at Heartsong Music. It's a Montessori music program. The class was about 50 min and it was FABULOUS! We sang and not those Barneyesque tunes, but rolling and melodic songs that were soft & sweet or silly & playful. I've heard that singing and laughter releases stress-relieving endorphins, and I can attest to that. I left feeling so relaxed and happy. More relaxed than after a massage...ok, maybe not that relaxed, but as relaxed I could be after a class with 12 moms and kids! Mia had a fantastic time, as well. She laughed, spun in circles, pet the guitar, snuggled me when our instructor played Brahms' Lullaby on her violin. We signed up!

No new pics today, but here's one of Mia when she was 6 months old with her first hippo book. Just over a year ago, but may has she changed!