Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Monday & Today

Monday, We had lunch with some Mamas at Waterloo Icehouse on 360. Mia loved the sand pit, and all the toys that are provided by Waterloo. We also ran into some mama/kid friends that we hadn't seen in months. Among them were Tanya and her Abby...OMG has she grown and her short hair is now long and curly! It was nice to visit with them and also hang with the group I was with. I really apprecitate the groups I'm in. All their activites keep us busy.
Niles went to the groomers on Monday, and he came out looking so handsome, and digging his bandanna. That night, Daryl cooked some steaks on the grill and Mia made a tunnel out of some patio chairs. Later, Dada put Mia in one of his t-shirts. She was the cutest little thing.
tunnel 1

tunnel 2

handsome Niles in Dada's shirt
trying to convince us she's still a baby

a video of Mia being Mia

We had a busy day today. Started off by going to our music class. Again, we both had a wonderful time. It's almost a full class, so there are quite a few kids in there, but I love that they range between 2 months to 3 1/2 yrs old. Mia does well with a variety of ages. She's able to model for the younger ones, and learn from the older. It's such a great environment with all the lovely music, moms singing, and kids loving it all.

Then we went over to Daryl's office to drop off some peanut butter cupcakes for Nik's 21st birthday! I found this fabulous recipe for peanut butter cupcakes, frosted them with chocolate and topped them off with chopped Reese's peanut butter cups (Niks' favorite). Yes, they were as decadent as they sounded, and oh so yummy. Well, Daryl was out of the office, so Mia hung out on her Unca Joe's lap for a while, then we headed to the duck park in our neighborhood. We hadn't been before, and we had a great time. Mia was so fascinated, she let me take oodles of pictures. After a while there it was naptime. After her nap, we headed back to the office to see Daddy. He's working late tonight, and I wanted to make sure Mia and Daryl got some snapper dada time today.

Then off to Chuck E Cheese where we met our pals Suzy and Livie. Mia loved playing some of the easier (push the button) games, and ended up winning 200 herself! She later redeemed them for a kinda koosh pig ball. Livie's forte is skee-ball. Know why? Well, she just marches up the lane and drops the balls in! Mia discovered a new passion...whack-a-mole! She was very deliberate and concentrated deeply for this challenge :) After much pizza and fun, we had to say bye to our friends and head home.

thrilled to slide whack-a-mole champion you hungry, babe? taking a call from the Big Cheese helicopter ride beautiful Livie skee-ball this is how she rolls we interrupt this blog with some mole whacking footage (not for the squeamish)