Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Mia Chronicles

Here's an email we received from the Nana! Pics to come later :)

I just have to tell you guys what an incredible daughter you have raised. Mia is just the sweetest girl in the whole world. She sacked out at 9:30 after insisting that PawPaw put her to bed.

Mia went to the store with us. The long ride to our house was a bit of a trial, but the only complaining she did was to say "out", "out" a few times. She was ready to play!! We went to the store, and PawPaw found a Barbie radio for Mia that she hasn't let go of all day. She LOVES her "dadio". Mia figured out the music in about 1 second and danced the rest of the way home and through the rest of the day. Poor Mimaw - she can't figure out how to work it. Sigh.

Mia wasn't incredibly hungry at dinner despite the massive running around she did. She walked around with PawPaw all afternoon - fed the dogs, the chickens, the pond fish and went swinging. She sure wanted to watch Eebee, which we don't have on TV. But she settled for Eebee on the computer and the Melmo games in PawPaws lap. She ate her beloved Bean Beans and corn and a bit of ham for dinner, and then we went out on the porch to play in the water for about 3 hours. Pawpaw gave her a flower pot that was full of dirt and no plants (the deer ate all of them) , and she went to town making a muddy pile on the deck. We took her clothes off - it was shady by then - and the new mud pig Mia was born. We hosed her off a bit a then it was time for a bath and a VERY long, cuddly snuggle with her PawPaw and Nana. She sure didn't act like she was ready to give up and sleep even at 9:30, and when I suggested bed, she said No, PawPaw!! and ran to him. But she let him tuck her in and give her her milk, and she is now sound asleep. I think PawPaw is as worn out as she is....he wanted Mia to tuck him in, but I wouldn't let him wake her up. :-)

What a wonderfully fun day!! And tomorrow, Mia knows she is going to see some tigers. She was very excited!!

Pictures will follow tomorrow.

Have fun my sweeties!!

Love you!!