Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cabin Fever

So bored Since we were sick this week, we've pretty much been quarantined to the house. Mia's a toddler who's always on the go, and all of a sudden, she's stuck in the house? How's a babygirl supposed to get her exercise? The stairs! We've been up and down the stairs, she's jumped and rolled around, walked backwards a lot, and played with an empty paper towel roll. Oh, Mia has been very interested in the whole 'potty' thing, so she's been my shadow for a while. What she started doing lately is when we're all done and ready to leave the bathroom, she stays the dark, and shuts the door. So there she is. After a couple of moments, she politely knocks on the door..from the inside. She's too cute!

We're pretty much on the mend in regards to our colds, but are just dealing with the lingering runny noses and coughs. Our friends Lori and Livie dared to face our germs and asked us to meet them at the WB duck park this morning. It was a short visit..Lori had an appt, and Mia and I are just re-building our stamina. It was a great day to be out! The ducks were cute, and so were the girls. We ran across a gentleman walking his 22 month old pup, Jerry. The girls loved Jerry, and Jerry loved them right back!

Mia loves Jerry
Jerry loves Livie
Lori & her bug