Monday, May 7, 2007

Where do I start?

How about the beginning?
Sat morning Daryl hung out with and stuff while I had a salon day. A great cut, color and pedicure! I was out of the house from 8am til 2pm. Daryl and Mia had some great Daddy Daughter time. When I got home, we packed Mia up for her first sleep over at Nana & Pa Pa's. I heard Mia, well everyone had a great time. After reading Goodnight Moon, Tom took Mia out to look at the real stars. They're out in the country, so the stars are amazing. Apparently, Mia was Pa Pa's shadow the whole time. He got her out of bed, feed her lunch, showed her the pond with the fish, the chickens and dogs. When she got home, I asked her where her Nana was, and she looked around for her. Then I asked where Pa Pa was and she looked straight up (Tom is a tall man). Daryl and I love that Mia has such wonderful grandparents. While all this was happening, Daryl and I had a date! Out to dinner then games at Dave & Busters. It was nice to hang out and play.

Sunday, what a day. We planned to have Suzy, Keith, Livie, Joe, Melissa and Gwen over for some beer & burgers. Daryl went out to DP to pick Mia up. (Note to sweet husband: remember to pack up all her, sneakers....He did remember grab the most important item.. MIA!!!) :) Daryl and I spent most of the morning cutting the grass and getting stuff together. We had the best time. It sprinkled a little, but not much. It was nice and breezy. We just all sat around chatting and watching the kids. I think Joe wants the next one over at their home, so he can break out the ping-pong table. I hope we can do this a lot. We had a wonderful time.

Today, I let Mia sleep in until she was done...about 9am. We missed the ECI field trip to the Farm, but Mia needed the rest after such a busy & fun weekend. When we got it together, we hopped over to Lori and Livie's new, beautiful, spacious, warm, awesomely painted home to hang out. Lori made quesadillas and guacamole for the kids, and we ordered Chinese :) We hung out and chatted while the girls played. Poor Livie had a little accident with her new flipped on her! She was more surprised than hurt. The dogs where out, so Mia played with Copper and Ipy (I've gone over this for a while, and have realized I don't know how to spell her name)..great until Copper ran her over. Just a little playful knock, she wasn't hurt, but was beyond tired, so it was time to go. Mia was asleep before we were out of their neighborhood.

Mia kissin' her 'Sexy, Red Hot Grandpa'

Mia & Livie hangin' with the turtle

Gwen sitting up all by herself!

ride 'em, Gwen!

The Gang

we all need an ice cream moment

Copper, Mia & Livie

Watermellon girl


Lori and Josh said...

copper says "sorry. SLURP!" to mia. he apparently likes her quite exuberantly :-)

also, you are SOOO close on ippy's name...much closer than anyone else has ever come. remind me to tell you the story of how she was named and how the spelling of her name was decided the next time we talk!