Friday, May 4, 2007

busy little bees

Mia had an amazing time at swim class. She really enjoys being on her back and going under water. One of the stations is on the steps out of the pool. It's kind of like a ring dive. She can easily pick up the rings on the first step, but the ones on the second are deep enough that she'd have to put her face under water to get it. She tried about 3 times then decided that it wasn't for her :)
Then we went and picked up Daddy at his office so he could drive us to the court house to help me get my passport. I've tried the post office...way too long lines. Not gonna work with the snapper. Try getting through security with a backpack, baby, stroller, sunglasses, keys..... Success! I've renewed my passport! One step closer to Cozumel!!
Off to lunch. Mia loves grilled cheese sandwiches, side of steamed broccoli and cold milk...mmmmm Then we had to say by to Daddy because we had to hit the park for a playdate. We had so much fun. The park on El Salido is AWESOME! So spread out, a covered pavilion, oodles of shade trees, 4 bucket swings, 3 playscapes.... I met a great mama, Christina. Her Alex will be 15 months next week. Mia had a buddy! He's an awesome walker and Mia's forte is climbing, so they had much to share. Oh, we broke out the balls. Alex played with Mia's red ball, while Mia played with his soccer ball. We don't have a soccer ball, so it was something new. Melissa and Gwen are also in this group. It's so nice to see them outside of just out Dripping Spring outings. Gwen played with some pebbles under a tree. She's such a sweetie. I love just watching her face while she explores something new.
NAPTIME!!! She crashed for 2 hours! That gave me enough time to assemble the little step stool Mia got at IKEA. Um, I tried. I was getting so frustrated. As my friend, Lori, recently found out with her bike trailer..RTFM. I assembled 1/2 of it backwards, then the screws weren't going it right!!! I felt the cortisol running through my veins. Then Suzy called and said, 'that's a Daddy job.' Ahhhhhhhhhh relief. It's a Daddy job.
After dinner, we switched the trailer from My bike to Daryl's, loaded up the snapper and took a ride. Destination: BEER!

Wiped out! (and sweaty)