Thursday, May 24, 2007

more kid stuff

The other day...very behind in blogging...we hit Little Gym (rolls, bubbles & stuff) & then the park for a playdate (hung out with Esther & Noa, Melissa & Gwen and very friendly little squirrel). We really don't have trees in our back yard, so Mia's never seen a squirrel..shocking, I know! Well, there was a cute one at the park that wanted to play with Mia. Mia didn't know what he was, and her only point of reference was a cat. She she called him a 'mow'. Not mow like to mow your yard. Meow, but drop the 'e'. Toooooo cute!

We BBQ'd the other night, and while waiting we played with sidewalk chalk. Here's what came of that & some other pics from that day:

in Daddy's hands

So many little time

1st squirrel...up close & personal
on the balance beam...that's how she rolls (with her Miss Monica)
never tired of bubbles
have one helicopter propeller available (we were spinning)


lltanderson said...

i LOVE the squirrel pic! omigod, is that cute. livie said "ow ow" to the picture of a kangaroo today...i guess it looks a little like a kitty with its standup ears?