Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorable Memorial Weekend

It started Saturday when Daryl, Mia and I headed out to Nana & Pa Pa's house. Mia was having another sleepover. She really enjoys her time out there with them, and she's building such amazing memories. After Mia was all settled, Daryl and I went out to dinner. Afterwards, we contemplated having a big night on the town, but opted to go home and snuggle :)

Sunday, Joe, Melissa & Gwen were very gracious and had us over for lunch. We meet up with the gang from Dripping Springs...including Mia. She had so much fun climbing up and down the stairs, dancing and spinning like a top. Apparently she learned some new dance moves from her Nana & Pa Pa the night before. Ok, let me tell you about Gwen. She's AMAZING! She was sitting and parallel playing with Mia. Mia is VERY aware that Gwen is off limits, so it was up to Gwen to make the first move. Speaking of moving, Gwen is on the move with her army crawling. She'll set her eyes on something and wiggle till she gets it. Melissa brought out some balls for the girls to play with. That was a hit. The absolute best moment of the whole day (even better than beating Joe at pool!) was when Gwen, standing with her Mama, reached out to me, took my fingers in her hands and walk towards me with a bright, big, beautiful smile on her face. It truly was a magical moment. She got a little wobbly, so I promptly returned the sweetie back to Melissa. It was the best day :)

Yesterday, Memorial Day, Daryl only worked half a day! We took dinner over to a friend that had her 2nd baby last week. Her little boy, Jack, was so little. I forgot how little they come. It was time for him to eat, so I skedaddled out of there. Then the crew hopped over to the Higbee's for dinner and fun. Mia and Livie play so well together. They sat and read books, played with balls...yes, balls are that great, Suzy broke out the blocks, and I read to the girls. Livie fell in love with Mia's shoes and actually managed to put them on and prance around. It was so nice to sit around and be lazy with friends. We had to lay around because Suzy carb loaded us with her homemade bread bowl filled with spinach dip! :) The girls pretty much called it a night night at the same time, so we packed up the Snapper and headed home, exhausted.

So, when's the next Holiday?!?!

Mia & Gwen take turns with their Nana

Mia's ready for action

so is Gwen

Thanks, Daddy

Gwen walks!!!

Gwen & Mia play while Unca Joe spots 'em

Some family video

Memorial DayMia & Livie building together

Keith supervises construction

Livie walks in Mia's shoes

Story time.... The End