Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Party at the Little Gym

Today was the last day of this session, so we had a party and Daddy's (and others) were invited! We did our regular cool stuff to show off for Daddy. This was his first time EVER to come, so it was extra special. He participated quite a bit. Mia and Daddy warmed up with the class then did wheelbarrows (um, he needs to practice). It was nice and very surreal to have him there. I guess he'd feel like that if we sat in on one of his meetings at the office :) Then there was an awards ceremony at the end. The kids went up when their names were called, and received a class picture and a ribbon from Miss Monica!

Good times with Daddy

Need to work on your wheelbarrow, Daddy

Mia's straddle roll

up and over!

ribbon ceremony with Miss Monica