Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Trip Part II

Saturday was the best ever.

Daryl & I were able to sleep late, because Mia slept with her uelita, and SHE got up with her, made her breakfast, and got her ready for the day. Yay uelita!

Mia had big plans with her uelita, so Daryl and I went to Mexico for the day. I grew up in The Valley, in a border town, so spending the day across is old hat for me, but not when it's with my husband. We had so much fun looking around, walking, shopping... We had a wonderful lunch at Arturo's (Daryl had some amazing combo & I had the entomatadas with a Joya de manzana...mmmmm), and then it was time to head back to the Snapper. We did get to grab a little camo hat and a silly frog for Mia.

She had a great time with her uelita...she was happy, exhausted and had muddy sneakers to prove it :) We sat and chatted about our day. While Daryl & I were doing our thing in Mexico, Mia explored her Secret Garden with her uelita. This is the garden that mom started as soon as she found out we were pregnant. It meanders and has different areas. An area for sound with wind chimes and stuff. An area to dig and put dirt into pots with her own little shovel shaped like a duck! A little sitting area with a little table and chairs...great place for a snack. Mom still had the old Radio Flyer that Mae and I used to play with.
*Note: snaps of the Secret Garden will be in a following post...there are just way too many good ones*

Mom has a bunch of bird houses, and only one is vacant. We sat and watched all the mama and papa birds fly off for food, bring it back for their hungry little mouths that popped out of their homes. She also has a little desk from when we were little. Mia sat in it and read her books.

After a tasty dinner, mom tucked Mia into bed, and Daryl and I went into town to play Bingo! We had the best time. He'd never played at a real Bingo parlor before. Um, I think he's hooked :)

Uelita, can I go out and play?

A kiss from Max

What's over there, uelita?

I love you

I can stay here forever

the old desk still works

3 little ladybugs

Senor Daryl

After a tasty lunch at Arturo's in Nuevo Progresso

That's a silly frog, Daddy

Mia's ready for the hunt in her new hat