Monday, May 21, 2007

Trip to Abuelita's ~ Part I

We have soooooo many pics and sooooo much video footage to talk about and upload, that I think I'll do it in parts. We have a toddler in the house, ya know :) So time in front of the 'puter is limited.

The drive down wasn't so fun, honestly. Mia was a crank (we have video...hey, I was bored, too), which is so unlike her, but thanks to Suzy, we had a bazillion of DVDs to help with entertainment. We had plans to stop in San Antonio to visit with Daryl's Grandma (aka Memaw who was in town to hang out at her pad) and his Aunt Janice, who was in town to care for Memaw while Tom and Dee were in Vegas for the National Pool Tourney. Anyway, Mia fell asleep right as we were driving into SA and there was NO way we were going to wake her. So, we had to regrettably roll past Memaw and Janice :(

During a stop for gas, diaper change, leg stretch.... Mia found some cool textured balls that we HAD to buy. We normally don't buy her EVERYTHING her little heart desires, but we were in a state of crankiness emergency. The $4 for 2 balls was well spent. Check out the Green Ball video. Oh, Mia was bare foot walking around, and her feet were filthy when she got back in the car, so I cleaned up her little tootsies with a couple of wipies. Further down the road, after a snack, I offered Mia a wipie so she could wipe her face. She's getting good this little one. After wiping her face, she wiped her perfectly clean feet...remembering how her Mama did it. May not seem like much, but after driving 4 hours, it was pure comedy. We also have video of the feet :) I have to add a note that Mia is a very flirty girl! She flirts with everyone, every place we went.

After about 7 hours, we finally made it to Abuelita's house!!!!!! When my mom came out to great us, Mia was walking down the sidewalk to her, then she smiled, turned around and took off so her Uelita could chase her! After many hugs and kisses, we were comfy on her sofas chatting about everything and while mom was snuggling with Mia. We exchanged Mother's Day gifts, and Daryl even got his Father's Day from mom early this year. It was a sweet hand painted painting of a Daddy and a little girl. Daryl and Mia both LOVED it...Mia gave the 'Daddy' a kiss. Mom loved her frame of pictures of Mia and some of Mia's artwork. Mom gave me 3 silver ornaments about being a mother. They were all so beautiful, but I think the most precious one is an envelope for a note to Mia from me. Thanks, Mom, for everything.

Mia played for a while, and then she was off to bed in her Uelita's room. We brought down her pack-n-play, music, blankie and of course her poodle dog. Mom is going to watch her next month while Daryl and I are vacationing in Cozumel for a week, so we brought down much of what she'd need then. Daryl went to bed, and mom and I got to chat for a while. I love being back at home, and am so happy that Mia is going to spend a lot of time there.
You'll have to wait for Part II to read about all that happened on Saturday!

Come & get me Uelita!

Ahhh, together at last

opening Mother's Day gifts from my Mom

Mia wants to kiss the 'Daddy'

I love you, Daddy