Wednesday, May 2, 2007

They're baaaaaaaack!

Yay! Suzy and Livie are back from Florida! We spent a nice portion of the afternoon with them. It was great for Livie and Mia, because at home they were crankyyyyy, but together, they were fabulous and happy and loving and sweet and funny....

I sure did miss my friend and am so glad all is great and she's home. Did I mention that I missed them? Livie must have grown a foot. She's so tall and slender, with flowing blond hair and the sweetest smile ever! She played so well with Mia. The girls sat at Livie's little table to share a snack. Livie fed Mia, then Mia fed me, and I was able to score some goldfish for Suzy. Life is good. There was a problem with a certain pink ball, but it all worked out...Suzy has some amazing Mama skills. I always learn so much from her. I love that we bounce ideas off each other, and she is a mama of an angel that's a year older than Mia, so she's seen and been through a lot of the stuff that we're just starting with.

Suzy Tip: when the little one is on a step ladder playing with the water in the sink, always have a bowl covering the never know what little hands will stuff in there :)

Oh, we'd been wanting to get an outdoor activity table for Mia since she enjoyed Livie's so much. Well, I picked the last one up from Toys R Us today. Daryl and I (Mia was not interested in assisting...see pic below) put it together. Ok. Suzy and Keith did NOT warn us about the bazillion and one screws and nuts! We LOVE the table, but may not buy from the Co. that made the table again. The holes weren't drilled all the way, so we had a lot of extra hard plastic that made it a little more difficult than we wanted while dealing with a teething tot that didn't want to go to bed. The table does ROCK, though. Mia did 'find' Daddy while he was trying ever so diligently to put connect the umbrella. Yes, we did open the umbrella inside, and we're ok with that. It made it easier and that's the name of the game. Easy.

BTW, every time it rains (not mists) and/or thunders and lightnings, I take Mia out on the front porch and snuggle with her on a chair. She points at the rain and the lightning. Niles is deathly frightened of such weather, so we are making an effort to show her the wonderfulness of nature. She finally fell asleep around 9:30 after 3 reads of Goodnight Moon.

One more note. We got our super duper new camera today. It's got a touch screen and is so easy to use. We shot the following video on it. It'll tape 45 min!

NOT into manual labor

I found you, Daddy!

In a great green room...