Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend

There are MANY things I love about my husband. Here are a couple; his ability to remember the little things and his inability to wait for the actual day of the special occasion, to start with 'you wanna open your gifts?' So, for me, Mother's Day started on Friday evening :) Daryl came home and snuck into the office with Mia and they wrapped gifts like little elves. I had casually mentioned that I thought that mp3 players were cool...PRESTO! a mp3 player with cool pink earbuds. Another fabulous thing about my husband is that he picks cards very well. I've seen him do it. He'll read so many until he finds 'the one'. So, I received beautiful cards from my husband and daughter.

Saturday Lori, Josh and Livie hosted the 2nd Annual Mother's Day Brunch. We had the BEST time! They made their amazing pizza quiches and everyone else brought some tasty baked goods....Sarah, Erik and Isabel brought cheesecake, we brought mini chocolate banana muffins and strawberry & white chocolate oatmeal cookies. I was in a baking mood Friday night...kind of keeps my mind busy and off things that I didn't want to think about. It was a BEAUTIFUL day! Perfect weather for hanging out, eating sweets, drinking beer and watching the kids play. Mia loved Livie's swimming pool (thanks for the swim diapers, Lori) It was one of those days that make us say we should do this more often :)

Mother's Day was so wonderful. Daryl brought me Chai in bed, then when I was finished, he came in with blueberry pancakes loaded with butter and syrup! Then Mia woke up and he brought her to me and we all snuggled in bed for a while. After Daryl and Mia entertained me by trying on (both of them) funny hats from Mia's dress up box, we went out to Tom and Dee's for the day.

We got to hang out with Nana, Pa Pa, Memaw, Joe, Melissa and Gwen. Memaw had fun playing ball with Mia, and all Mia wanted to do is play pool! Gwen is sitting up so confidently and is ready to play with everything. Melissa brought her froggie, bunny and baby so snuggle with. It was so funny watching Joe feed Mia, or actually Mia grossing Joe out by eating things that had fallen into the cracks of the sofa :) One of the sweetest moments of the day is when Daryl and I walked upon Dee and Mia swinging on the front porch swing. Content and happy. That's what it's all about. That, and swinging! After spending some time on Livie's swing that spins, I think Daryl got the idea to try it out on the swing out there. Mia couldn't stop laughing and smiling. She was swinging so wide she almost took her Pa Pa out! Then she was dizzy as they get...check out the video. We stayed for a yummy chicken dinner, complete with stuffing, gravy and steamed cauliflower with cheese. Mia ate so much. Then we all broke into Memaw's Mother's Day fortune cookies. Tom and Memaw traded their fortunes :)

Then back home with a sleepy girl. Daryl and I spent a quite evening wrapped up on the sofa reminiscing about the past year, and he went on and on about what a great mama he thinks I am. As long as he and Mia think so, that's all that matters.

Splashin with Daddy

Lori & her love Bug

Mother's Day entertainment (pics above and below)

Dee & Tanya...Silly Tom

Mama & Mia snuggling & eating letters
Joe demonstrating good manners to Mia & Gwen trying to get a Cheerio from her Mama

Pa Pa, I wanna do it