Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I laugh in the face of grey days!

I think I'm built backwards or have a glitch of some kind. These past two days, although cloudy, grey and rainy, have been the best I've had in a while. I'm just in a fabulous mood!

Here's what's been going on:

  • I don't remember much of yesterday...Mia was teething hard so the world stopped.
  • Today we hit The Little Gym. We hadn't been there in two weeks and we showed up today to find 2 friends and their little ones that we hadn't seen in forever. Haley w/ Natalie (from Mother's Inc) and Julia w/ Sydney (from Gymboree) both joined the class. Mia was super confident and everywhere during class. She received star stamps on the back of her hands, tops of feet, and one on her belly! She pointed at them and said 'sta' all day, and was a little befuddled when she couldn't find them after Daddy gave her a bath.

  • Trip to the pet store again. This time to buy an actual fish tank with a pump. I found Lola floating on her side at the top of their pumpless bowl this morning. I quickly prepared more water in a pitcher. I used the sink spray on high to aerate the water as best I could. Lola survived. Now she and Mog are thriving in their new tank. I think Lola has a crush on Mog, but so do I, so there might be a cat fight...fish fight?
  • Mia stopped teething and was in a fabulous mood all day long!

  • We picked up lunch and ate it at the office with Daddy. Mia walked to her Unca Joe, while giggling hysterically.

  • We hopped over to Starbucks on Braker to meet up with a new (new to me) mom's group. A great laid back group of moms. We had to leave after being there for 30 min, cuz it was Mia's nap time. But before we left, Melissa and Gwen showed up. We're in the same group! Gwen was so cute wrapped up in a gorgeous wrap sling, and snuggled comfy against her mama. I'm looking forward to hanging out with them more :)

  • Home for a nap. Then Ginger and Kathy came over for her ECI 6 month review. They were impressed with Mia, of course. They said that she's not only hitting all her marks, but really nailing them :) She graduated and will no longer be needing services or be in their program. Awesome, but bittersweet. I'll miss them so much. They were really there for our family when we needed answers, help, support, encouragement, love...They helped me solidify what kind of mother I wanted to be, and helped me make peace that Mia's hemi-vertebra wasn't my fault. Ahhhh Mama guilt.

  • The I grilled some chicken, spinach & feta sausages on the grill while Mia explored the backyard....it's been so wet she hasn't been out there lately and gets a little peeved when Niles gets to go out and she can't.

Daryl was home early, Mia & I were in great spirits...made for a beautiful family evening.

Edemame mess at the office (further proof that I will take a picture of ANYTHING my child does...especially with her sweet Daddy)

Daddy says 'no' to baby credit card abuse, but Mia has other ideas