Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mia's first State Libertarian Party Convention

A letter to us from Nana:

Sent: Saturday March 22, 2008

Mia attended her first Libertarian Party Convention today! They wouldn't let her vote, but it didn't deter her at all. She sat in her rocket stroller eating crackers and drinking water while all the candidates gave their speeches. She was underwhelmed by the politics. After 30 minutes, she crawled out of her stroller into my lap and promptly fell asleep! I wanted to join her! :-)

After the convention, we strolled through downtown in her rocket stroller again, and then went to Texas Land and Cattle for lunch. Thanks to Tanya's great ideas, I ordered her a grilled cheese sandwich immediately. She was a little teary eyed on the way there, so we asked the host to sit us far away from the crowds and bring us a sedative. But Mia, faced with grilled cheese and fries, instantly forgot her woes and dove in. I think she ate more than we did!! It gave her lots (and lots and lots) of energy. We were able to stop at the store for a couple of things Tom forgot yesterday (namely, Mimaw's cookies) and then head to Lowes for a new chain saw and weed eater. Mia was MOST impressed by the big boxes!

Mia sang to herself all the way from the restaurant to the stores and home again. It was so cute. She went through a whole litany of songs....Row, Row, Row, Old MacDonald, and Happy Birthday were the ones I recognized!

She has been entertaining herself with swinging (of course - hours at a time) and climbing up and down off the deck, running to the back fence "I checking things out!", walking around and around the house and playing with the dogs. What a sweet heart. She slept like a rock last night. She's showing Mimaw where the water is (in case she forgets). Todays nap was short in my arms (but oh so precious for me!!!!)-I think she'll pass out early tonight. I KNOW I will! :-)

When ya'll get here (Joe, Melissa and Gwen too) we will have an Easter egg hunt tomorrow. Tom brought home Dora the Explorer and Go Diego easter baskets, and we have plastic eggs to fill with jelly beans. Lots of stickers (Elmo and Dora), Peeps, and a Barbie egg. Should be tons of fun! I'd bet Joe and Melissa will be here around noon or so - Joe called and I returned the call but so far we haven't hooked up.Love you guys! Miss you!-