Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mia Ballerina

Mia had her very first dance class this morning. It was fun going as a family. Mia was so excited to dress up in her ballerina gear, and kept saying how cute she was. I sure hoped she wasn't over dressed...I read at the last minute that there's 'no special attire needed'. The room was FILLED with little ballerinas in all there get up :) Her instructor, Miss Tiffany, was so great. It's a super beginner class, so she uses stuffed animals to help get the kiddos to do things. Mouse-scurrying, crab-crab walk, duck-quack and flap. They had their own orange dots to sit on...go back to like base. Mia was not thrilled with hers, but at least she stayed kinda close to it. Miss Tiffany was totally cool with it..some kids just don't sit on dots :)

Mia was on this dot for less than 5 seconds

Mia had fun hopping and spinning, marching, spinning... Miss Tiffany had them sit on the ground with legs spread so they could catch a rolling ball...stretching their legs. At the end of class, they all bowed and got a sticker. Mia had such a great time, we signed her up for the next session, and on June 1st she'll be in her first recital!!!! After all that dancing, we were hungry, so we stopped off for some migas and breakfast tacos on the way to the duck pond. Mia was no where ready for a nap, so we walked around the pond and really enjoyed each other's company.



Andrea said...


Sophia would SO NOT stay on her dot. I have no idea what she would do actually. Probably just stand there and give everyone the stare down.

And that little girl in her big poofy tu-tu. She HAD to have had SOME practice, cause it sure isn't normal for a 2 y/o to follow directions on cue like that!